2021 - 2022 Dress Code

2021-2022 Dress Code
Posted on 07/22/2021
School Dress Code


As we approach the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year, we want to welcome back all returning students, and welcome our incoming 6th grade students. As you prepare to buy clothes for your child at the back-to-school sales, we want to make you aware of our dress code which will be in effect for the new school year. We appreciate your support as we continue to strive to provide a successful learning environment for your child at Veterans Memorial Middle School.


Our school administration and staff continue to encourage all students to dress in a fashion that reflects good taste and a style appropriate for a school day. The following items of clothing should NOT be worn to school or school activities.

1. Open toe shoes referred to as “slides” or flip flops. Sandals with straps are acceptable.
2. Short shorts (less than fingertip length or more than four inches above the student’s knee) cut-off shorts, and bicycle shorts with nothing worn over or under them. Students who wear leggings or tights under the clothing examples above are not in compliance with the Dress Code. Shorts and skirts must be within four inches from the top of the student’s kneecap OR not come any higher than the tips of the students’ fingers when the students are standing with their arms at their sides.
3. Halter tops, spaghetti straps, backless tops, tops with part of the front and/or back “cut out”, “see through/sheer” tops, muscle shirts, tank tops, mesh shirts, and sleeveless shirts (unless a T-shirt with sleeves is worn underneath.) Shirts which reveal the waist (midriffs). Shirts must have sleeves and provide adequate coverage of shoulders and chest area, and should preserve modesty, in order not to attract undue attention to the wearer and thus cause a distraction in the classroom or a disturbance in the school. Tops that are too low in front will be deemed inappropriate on the grounds of potentially attracting “undue attention to the wearer.”
4. Pants/Jeans worn below the waistline or with holes, torn or rips in the material above the knee; distressed jeans are appropriate as long as they meet the requirements. Leggings must have pockets. Mini-skirts, dresses which are backless, strapless, or have parts of the garment “cut out”, and dresses with spaghetti straps are not permitted.
5. Hats, caps, and bandanas during the school day unless a special event as outlined by administration.
6. Clothing displaying vulgar writing or symbols, using sexual-references, encouraging violence, clothing with alcohol, tobacco, controlled substance advertisements or references, or that can be considered sleepwear.
Unless the dress code violation warrants greater consequences, students who violate the dress code will be given an opportunity to change into clothing that fits within the school dress code. Repeated violations of the dress code, however, will be treated as insubordination, which will result in consequences from school administrators. Remember, school is your job and appropriate dress is important!
7. Cell phones will be collected at the beginning of each academic class period, safely stored, and returned at the conclusion of the period. Cell phones should not be visible during instruction unless being used for instructional purposes as directed by the teacher. Refusal to turn in the cell phone will be considered insubordination, collected, and result in disciplinary action (Discipline Code of Conduct, #13). Parents/guardians will be permitted to retrieve the phones at the conclusion of the day from the office.